Getting Started

How to get started?

Get your device

You still need the Hardware? We are planning a small production run, but until that has happened, please refer to the production files and instructions located in our repositories.

Get the firmware

After acquiring your device, you may head to our firmware section.

Flashed, and now?

You can mount the SD-Card and change the initial configuration by edition the config.ini file, present on the first partition. You should add your Wifi credentials and give your Ottercast a lovely hostname, it will be displayed later when you are casting! If you need SSH access, you can add your public key by creating a ssh_authorized_keys file containing your key.

It works!

Great, you did it! You may now check out the supported protocols and start casting or visit your Ottercasts web-interface by typing <hostname>.local into your browsers address bar.

Last modified July 20, 2021: fixed typo (a76ca79)